3 countries ski expedition

How about conquering three Nordic countries on a week long ski trek in the Arctic wilderness?


March – April


Finland, Sweden, Norway

Difficulty level



8 days


How about conquering three Nordic countries on a week long ski trek? This ultimate Arctic adventure has it all: physical challenge, spectacular views of open tundra, fells and mountains and luxury of warm beds. If you want only the best experience and nothing less, this is it.

This adventure is the pearl of all ski treks. The tri-nation ski adventure in the far north Lapland, near the Arctic ocean, takes you through Arctic mountain terrains of three countries in one week. Physically it is no picnic, but rather demanding. Out of total 8 days we spend 6 full days on snow in the wilderness, out of phone reception. However, we sleep comfortably in huts every night and tent is carried only as a safety equipment. This tour is an opportunity to challenge yourself physically and mentally during long days, while still enjoying warm and comfortable beds at night.

The expedition starts from Kilpisjärvi, where we spend the first night at a nice accommodation and go through the journey plan and safety issues in peace. We pack the sleds ready, each having their own personal sled to pull the whole way. The next morning we start the trek by skiing around 10 km across lake Kilpisjärvi. By the early evening of the first day we come to the three country cairn, the exact point where Finland, Norway and Sweden meet. You can jump between borders! After some fun at the cairn we continue in Norway for another 3 km to the first wilderness cabin and rest the night. All the cabins along the way are very basic, without electricity or running water. Water is melted from snow and there is an outside toilet. There is often no reception for cell phones.

The next day is physically demanding, lots of uphill, but the reward awaits when you see the views from the next cabin. The steep mountain or fell as we call them, Barras, keeps a steady eye on us. Day 4 is a resting day and you can ski around the wilderness without the gear. Day 5 we pack again and ski to Sweden. There we meet mountain Pältsa, the most grand of the fells in that area. The night is spent at a cabin in the most beautiful valley surrounded by fells. Day 6 is again physically demanding, heading up from the valley to the top of the mountains. Here the views will take your breath away, again. The night is spent in a wilderness cabin in Finland. The last expedition day we ski along the lake ice all the way back to Kilpisjärvi village. The mighty fell Saana is watching us the whole way there. The adventure is topped with a proper Finnish sauna experience with some ice swimming in the lake. Day 8 after breakfast we leave Kilpisjärvi, back home.

What is special about this Arctic adventure?
The highlight of the 3 countries ski expeditions is the remote terrain. The views look like you are in Svalbard or Greenland, even the Antarctic. Still, this particular trek is fairly safe and we don’t have glaciers or polar bears to worry about. You get the same experience and views without the extra hassle with safety issues. Also, we have the luxury of sleeping in comfortable huts along the way instead of tents. Besides the long line of mountains or fells, in the northernmost Lapland you can see reindeers, foxes, even the very rare arctic foxes, and wolverines. Or tracks of them.

How demanding is this ski expedition?
It is demanding both physically and mentally, as weather can be anything from perfect sunshine to snow blizzard to freezing cold. We ski about 13 km per day, sometimes more sometimes less. It’s not really the distance but the elevation that makes it challenging. The sled or pulka as we call it, is pretty heavy to pull 6-7 hours a day. Then again, if the snow is hard then pulling is easier. You never know the exact conditions beforehand so we need to be prepared for everything. You need to have a fairly good basic fitness level, meaning you can carry a heavy backpack for at least 10 km, many days in a row.

Do you have to be a good skier?
No. Ski trekking is more like pushing your skis on snow bit by bit, it is not comparable to cross-country skiing or alpine skiing. Even without any previous skiing experience you get the hang of it during the first day. We will use skins on the bottom of skis to make it easy going uphill with heavy pulka. The skis we use are backcountry skis with comfortable boots. Skis are easier than snow shoes as you don’t need to lift your feet on every step. So actually you save energy by skiing instead of snow shoeing.

What do I need to bring?
We provide you with boots, skis, pulkas, sleeping bags and meals (breakfast, lunch, dineer). You need to bring your own clothing and winter boots for the cabin life. Also you should bring your favourite snacks to munch during the long skiing days. We send a very detailed gear and clothing list well before departure.

Day 1. Arrival in Kilpisjärvi, night at a hotel
Day 2. Start of expedition, long 10 km leg across lake Kilpisjärvi to the point where all three countries meet: Finland, Norway and Sweden. From there we continue for another couple of kilometres to spend the night at Goldahytta cabin in Norway.
Day 3. Goldahytta-Gappohytta.
Day 4. Resting day at Gappohytta, day tour excursion to the nearby mountains. Night at Gappohytta.
Day 5. Gappohytta-Pältsastugan
Day 6. Pältsastugan-Kuohkimajärvi reserved hut.
Day 7. Kuohkimajärvi- Kilpisjärvi. Night at a hotel.
Day 8. Back home

2200 EUR / person

Departures for 2024
23rd – 30th March 2024

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3 countries ski expedition