About Us

What can we offer?
Local wilderness guides in Ylläs guiding a private tour


We take small groups on big adventures to enjoy the wilderness of Finnish Lapland safely. You choose whether it’s a day tour or 10-day-tour, we deliver. Day tours include snowshoeing, ice fishing and fatbiking, multi-day treks are made by skis, snowshoes and in summertime by foot or canoes. In Lapland we have pure air and water, peace and quiet, no heat waves. Pure luxury! 


Pihka Outdoors is owned by Minttu Heimovirta, Joona Kivinen and Tommi Heinonen.


We make memories for a lifetime.


Brewing coffee by the open fire in a secret hideaway in Ylläs

The concept

We offer unique life experiences in the wilderness of the Arctic Finnish Lapland. The luxury we offer is something else – private, extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime adventures in nature with local guides. We conduct sustainable tours with top quality equipment in all seasons. The air in Lapland is the purest in the world, the water is drinkable straight from streams and there is nowhere more silent than in a snowy forest. This is the luxury to remember.

Our values

We all have left our old lives in cities in southern Finland to pursue dreams and fulfilling life instead of working in an office 24/7. Life is short, better make the most of it! We want to live slow life in the middle of nature, as one species among the others. 

Our base value is sustainability – we have small groups on treks to prevent pressure on vulnerable arctic tundra up in the open fells. Adventures are powered by your own body, not motorised vehicles.

Hand picked cloudberries and blueberries from Lapland
Pure arctic nature of Ylläs

Meaning of Pihka?

Pihka is Finnish and means the resin of coniferous trees, such as pine and spruce. You know, the sticky stuff. It actually has superpowers – antimicrobial pihka protects trees from hazardous bugs and disease. Like a helping band-aid!

Meet The Team

Minttu Heimovirta

Co-owner, biologist, wilderness guide, journalist, mother of two.

For her, nature is where creativity thrives, in the middle of exciting stories. She is especially interested in the behaviour of plants and animals in forests and fells – who is doing what and why. Her background is in TV but she has also written a book about the amazing inhabitants of Finnish nature. Her favourite season is late Spring, when days are already longer, it’s not super cold anymore, but there is still lots of snow to play around with. Together with Joona they have a 1-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl.

Joona Kivinen

Co-owner, wilderness guide

His greatest passion is to pack his bags and head out to the extreme conditions of the wilderness with a compass in his hands. Long hikes on skiis or by foot are his favourites. He enjoy especially exploring the nature, skiing in deep snow, through the forests and up the fells. He has vast knowledge of survival and wilderness skills and is more than happy to share this with you. He also trains new wilderness guides.



Tommi Heinonen

Co-owner, wilderness guide.

Experiencing the extreme conditions and the everflowing change of seasons never gets old for him. He has a past in web development and marketing but inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s writings he decided to leave the buzz of the city and live simply surrounded by the arctic nature. He feels the most happy and content in the wilderness by a small river or lake with a fly fishing rod in his hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help!

We are located in Ylläs, Finnish Lapland. How to get to Ylläs? Take a train from Helsinki to Kolari or fly to Kittilä airport. Both are only 35km from Ylläs and there is bus connection from both stations.

Travel insurance is always required on our adventures. 

We take safety very seriously. We do our best to make our adventures as safe as possible and follow strict safety guidelines. The wilderness guides are trained professionals and locals who know the area and the weather circumstances of Lapland. 

Yes we organise longer hikes and ski treks in Lapland. Take a look at our multiday adventures!

Yes! We can also arrange a customised experience for your group only. Privacy is a priority. Contact us.

Warm winter clothing is all about layers. Wool and down are the warmest products there is. Make sure you don’t get too sweaty in winter. Check out our blogpost on winter clothing.

Best winter shoes are at least one size bigger than your normal shoes. This is important so you can fit at least one additional woollen sock in there. Cotton is not good in winter, your toes will get cold quickly. Also, thick sole is good as the cold creeps in from beneath. We wear Sorel Caribou winter boots or similar.

Yes! The possibility of seeing Auroras in Lapland is very good, more than 60% if the sky is clear. The rule is, if you can see stars, you can see the northern lights. You just need to wait. Generally the best time is between 10pm and midnight but it’s possible to see them earlier too. As long as it’s dark. The Aurora season starts in September and lasts until the end of March. After that it starts to get too light again. We combine the hunt for northern lights with other activity such as snowshoeing to our secret hideaway.