Terms of Service

What You Need to Bring

In the winter it gets very cold in Lapland. It is important to have warm clothing and appropriate winter shoes, hat and mittens. We can help you with clothing, just ask.
You also need to have your own insurance.

Cancellation Policy

Full payment is required after the trip or at the start of the trip (day trips). Full payment is required by a credit card or bill after the trip (multiday tours).
If one gets sick or wants to quit by one’s own decision during the tour, the refund is not offered. On multiday trips quitting caused by one’s own desicion is always at one’s own expense. Pihka Outdoors will not offer hotel or “evacuation” transportation in this case.

We reserve the right to change the original itinerary in case the safety of our customers is compromised. The guide has right to stop one’s trip if other’s safety is compromised. We also reserve the right to change the location of tours, depending on weather conditions. Please note we cannot control nature, thus snow or northern lights are not guaranteed.