Pihka Outdoors - Ylläs

Peace, purity and wilderness

We offer authentic tours in the pure nature of Lapland. Only private small groups and our professional local guide, taking you to our favourite spots. Situated in Ylläs, in the Western part of Finnish Lapland, we are at the gates of vast wilderness areas. Plenty of playground for shorter or longer adventures, year-round. Discover the far north with us!

Winter activities in lapland

Winter is for the fun

Winter in Lapland is extreme but enchanting – it gets very very cold and the sun doesn’t show up in over a month. But winter is the time for all the fun: skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, you name it. The sky keeps changing colours all the time. On clear nights, the dancing Northern Lights blow you away.
Summer adventures in Lapland under the midnight sun

Sunny summer

Summertime in Lapland is another extreme – the sun never goes down! You can go hiking in the middle of the night if you want to. The arctic nature blooms and rivers run free. The air here is the cleanest in the world and you can drink water from any stream. Pure and peaceful!
Tailored adventures hiking with baby in lapland

We tailor your adventure

We would love to take care of you. Let us know your specs and we offer the best options! Privacy and personal guidance are our top priorities.

All tours are for small groups only to ensure an exclusive and authentic experience in personal guidance.

The Pihka Concept

We emphasize traditional Finnish outdoor life, the way we love it. Staring at the open fire. Skiing in the pure white wilderness in absolute silence. Snowshoeing where no other tracks go. Smell of clean crispy air. Often it is the simple things that make the best memories.

What we value the most are personal experiences in private groups. No mass tourism. We move in the pure nature with own muscles, respecting the environment. 

Our home is in Ylläs, in the middle of seven fells, near Kittilä airport and Kolari train station. However, the whole of Lapland is our playground.

coffee by open fire in lapland

We are Pihka Outdoors

Family owned company, founders Minttu Heimovirta and Joona Kivinen were once mesmerized by Lapland. Here, far above the Arctic Circle we felt at peace. 

Joona is a true wilderness survival guru, who loves going outside on a really bad weather. Just to feel the powers of nature. He usually goes where no other people go and takes a break by open fire whenever possible. His favourite season is Autumn, when the weather is good, mornings are crispy and there are no bugs. Joona is a very good musician, if you ask nicely he might take his banjo along!

Minttu is biologist, journalist and tv-presenter. For her nature is the place of creativity, in the middle of all the stories. She is mostly interested in the behaviour of plants and animals in forests and fells, who is doing what and why. Minttu will happily share these stories with you, and believe it – you will go home amazed! Her favourite season is late Spring, when the days are already longer, it's not super cold anymore, but there is still lots of snow to play around with.

Our consept
Our consept

Meaning of Pihka?

Pihka is Finnish and means the resin of coniferous trees, such as pine and spruce. The sticky stuff. It actually has superpowers – antimicrobial pihka protects trees from hazardous bugs and disease. Like a helping band-aid!