Take Care Of Your Hiking Boots

Now that we all spend a LOT of time at home, there’s a chance to do something useful. Hiking boots are your best buddies on adventures, whether you do day hikes or longer treks. If you look after them, your leather boots remain your friends for a very long time. Now is the time to do proper maintenance before Summer season (when we all can hopefully move more freely again). If you’re an outdoors person waiting to get out, or if you’re just bored, read on!

What to Wear in Cold Lapland?

Is the magical winter wonderland of Lapland with reindeers and northern lights on your bucket list? But perhaps you are not sure about the extreme cold weather and how to survive alive? Firstly, have mercy on yourself, it takes a couple of weeks for the body to get used to the cold, so it does feel harsher for you than for us living here. Secondly, worry not and keep reading! Here are some tips of what to consider before packing for a winter holiday. Some of the stuff you can rent, like shoes and overalls, so no need to buy everything.

Finland is covered by forests by 70 % of the land. Most of them are being used by the forest industry but we still have nature left to roam in. Besides forests there are 187 188 lakes, 40 national parks and in the north there are many ancient mountains called fells. We love to wander in the wild, doing different things: walking the dog, picking berries and mushrooms, fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, you name it.

In search for fuller life

In the spring of 2016, I hit a wall. Got a burnout, spiced with anxiety and depression. I lived alone in Helsinki, capital of Finland. I was in total dead-end, although everything was supposedly fine. Nice job as nature journalist on TV, great friends, family near and opportunity to do whatever I liked. Still, something had to change.