Take care of your hiking boots

Now that we all spend a LOT of time at home, there’s a chance to do something useful. Hiking boots are your best buddies on adventures, whether you do day hikes or longer treks. If you look after them, your leather boots remain your friends for a very long time. Now is the time to do proper maintenance before Summer season (when we all can hopefully move more freely again). If you’re an outdoors person waiting to get out, or if you’re just bored, read on!

Corona confinement activity to do at home

Shoe care kit: You need a soft brush, waterproofing spray and shoe wax for leather.

1. Brushing

Untie the laces so they’re not in the way. Brush off old dirt and dust. A soft brush works great, but also you can use a moist towel.

2. Waterproofing hiking boots

Spray evenly on your shoes and let them dry. Leather is fairly waterproof on its own but this step will make them super boots. You can walk through wetlands and even creeks with dry feet! But if you’re lacking the spray don’t worry, the wax is enough.

3. Waxing boots

Preferably use beeswax-based wax, or other wax you might have in your closet. The point is, wax moistens leather so it won’t dry out and crack. Cracked leather shoes are often useless shoes for adventures. Wax also helps to deter water. Spread a thin layer with a finger or cloth. Let it dry. If your shoes are super dry they might need an extra layer, so repeat this step.

4. Ready to go

Lace the boots and plan your next hike. Ready to go so f**k off coronavirus!