About us

In search for fuller life

Pihka Outdoors is founded and run by us, Joona and Minttu. We fell in love with each other and Lapland while training for Wilderness Guide Certification. We spent a year roaming the wilderness of Lapland. Nature and way of life above the Arctic circle felt absolutely unique and healing. All the excess mental baggage was dropped. After graduating, we head back south to our home town Helsinki. But it didn’t work anymore. City life felt wrong. The traffic noise alone made blood pressure to rise. The people felt fake, in a hurry to achieve something or be something. The constant stress and burnouts everywhere. This is no way to live a life, we thought. So we left our careers, founded our company and moved to Lapland. In search for fuller life. Here, we feel alive. You will too.

The concept

We offer you lasting memories and excitement for all senses in the beautiful and peaceful Finnish Lapland. The best memories are not made lounging on the sofa doing nothing. You make your memories when you are active – moving, going out of your comfort zone, doing something, creating something.

We only take small groups, to ensure a personal experience.

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