Spend A Night Sleeping In Snow

Easy | 15 Hours | Starting from 270€

Ever wondered what it's like to sleep under stars when it's below zero outside?

Spend the night in the wilderness and truly become one with nature. The overnight trip takes you to a secret spot through an incredible silent forest. We spend the evening building our own sleeping nests in snow or under a tree. After enjoying good food and warm drinks by fire we crawl into our cozy sleeping bags and if we're lucky enough we get to fall asleep watching nature's own light show, aurora borealis.

You don't need to be a survival specialist, we will teach you. No need to worry either, we will be there to look after you the whole time!

We provide you with warm clothing and all gear needed to spend the night out. This one takes you out of your comfort zone but is definitely worth it. The experience is unforgettable!


To sleep in the snow, the right time is between December and April.

Of course if camping under the stars is calling your name, we'll take you at any time of the year!

Contact us to book the dates that are the most suitable for you.

What’s included?

Professional wilderness guide will go with you on this great adventure to assure personal guidance. Camping gear and food are included in the price. Extra warm clothing is also provided, if needed.

Transportation is included in Ylläs area. Pick up from your accommodation in the evening and drop-off the next morning. Let's decide the starting time together after planning all the details!

Please note

Please keep in mind, that if the temperature drops below -25C, it's a bit chilly for this activity. But don't worry, we will reschedule for a warmer night!

Make sure you have a valid travel insurance.

What do I need to bring?

It is important to wear the warmest clothes and shoes you have available. We also offer warm down jackets and padded winter trousers if needed, as well as some shoes. Wear at least these: long underwear, wool or fleece middle layer and insulating jacket and padded winter pants. Wool socks are highly recommended. Hat and mittens are a must.


Starting from 270 € / Person. Ask more about the price!

For personal and safe guidance we only take 1-4 people at a time for this experience.

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The gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The gift card can only be used once and can't be changed to money.

How to get to Ylläs?

You can fly to Rovaniemi or Kittilä airport in Finland. We come and pick you up from Kittilä.

From Rovaniemi, there is a bus connection to Kittilä, where we pick you up.

By train, you can travel from Helsinki to Kolari, where we pick you up.

Ask for more info!