Winter Activities
in Ylläs, Lapland

Short & Snowy Tours

Snowshoe to Secret Hideaway

Snowshoe To Secret Hideaway

Moderate | 3-4 hours

Come with us to our secret cabin to enjoy a hot cup of coffee by the fire.
We will get there by snowshoeing through the snowy forest, enjoying the silence of the secret track and relaxing our minds in the nature.
Fatbiking in Ylläs in Winter

Fatbiking in the forests of Ylläs

Moderate | 4 hours

Come get your adrenaline rush, cruising down the snowy paths of Ylläs.
During this tour you will not lack exercise and fun. And don't worry about falling down - the snow is there to secure you a soft landing!
The Mythical Northern Lights adventure

Photograph the Northern Lights

Easy | 3 hours

The magical display of lights by the nature is something to remember.
Pack your camera and positive energy to go look for the amazing show of dancing colours in the sky.
Husky ride & Ski trek in Ylläs Lapland

Husky Ride & Ski Trek In Ylläs, Lapland

Modearate | 5 hours | 349€

This adventure with huskies and wilderness skis is something unique in Ylläs. You don't want to miss this on your Lapland holiday! Get your backpack and book this winter adventure with us!
Ice fishing in Ylläs

Restoring Ice Fishing day in Ylläs

Easy | 3-4 hours

Take a easy and fun ice fishing day with us on a frozen lake. We will teach you how to do ice fishing. With a guide you will get more out of it!

Multi-day Adventures

Sleepover In The Wild - Ylläs

Spend A Night Sleeping In Snow

Easy | 15 hours

Go on a real adventure, sleep in your own snowcastle under the stars listening to the immense silence of the nature and the relaxing sounds of the wintery forest.
This experience is unforgettable and you will learn wilderness skills along the way!
Multi-day Ski Trek In Lapland

Multi-day Ski Trek In Lapland

Moderate | 4 days

Pack your equipment in a sled and start the hike along the wintery trails of Lapland. 
On this multi-day trip you will get to see the beauty of the Finnish winter with the amazing views over the fells and valleys. Breathe in the pure air and enjoy!

Hire a local guide to join you on your adventures

We want to be a part of something great! When our customers end their trip with a smile on their face, we are happy. Mostly our products include everything from gear to food, but now you have the chance to hire us only as guides to join you on your adventures!

Pack your bags and grab your gear, we will bring our skills and knowledge. We are happy to join you on your short day-trips, as well as longer hikes and trips. A week long skiing trip around the fells or a summer hike through the forests and rivers - we are in!

We also share happily our knowledge with everyone as speakers in different kinds of events and seminars - remote or live!

Joona Kivinen

My greatest passion is to pack my bags and head out to the extreme conditions of the wilderness with a compass in my hands. Long hikes on skiis or by foot are my favourites. With me you can also go out for shorter and easier day-trips. I enjoy especially exploring the nature skiing in deep snow, through the forests and up the fells. I have vast knowledge of survival and wilderness skills and I'm more than happy to share this with you. I also train new wilderness guides. Hire me as your guide to experience the wild nature!

Minttu Heimovirta

I am a biologist and a wilderness guide. I have a lot of knowledge about the nature and its secrets and I can guarantee that with me there will be no lack of stories. I like performing and have held speaches in various events and seminars. Forests are my passion and I find a lot of positive energy and motivation from looking for animal prints among the snowy trees. In the summer time I like picking berries, wild herbs and mushrooms and I'm more than happy to share this knowledge with you. I also train new wilderness guides. Hire me as your guide or to be a speaker at your upcoming events!