Experience Traditional Finnish Sauna

Easy | 3 hours | Starting from 109€

In the olden days, Finns were born in sauna, and ended their earthly journey in sauna. The steam room is super important to us, we go there once a week at minimun, some people go every day. Sauna is a truly unique Finnish experience, you do not want to miss it. Come and feel the heat in our safe guidance.
The heat relaxes muscle tension and your mind. When the heat gets overwhelming, you step outside and plunge in the ice-cold water. The cold shock boosts the immune system and leaves you super relaxed, full of endorphins.

We will pick you up from your accommodation in Ylläs area and take you to our favourite sauna. We go to a traditional Finnish sauna together, wearing towels or swimsuits. We will tell you all about our Finnish sauna traditions. While cooling down after the sauna, we enjoy some snacks and drinks to keep hydrated. Deep sleep is guaranteed after this experience.



What’s included?

Transportation in Ylläs area. Besides guidance and stories, we offer traditional Finnish snacks and drinks in the sauna, as well as all the towels and toiletries you might need.

Please note

Own travel insurance is a must. If you suffer from a heart condition sauna might not be suitable for you.


1 person 350 €
2-3 persons 159 €
4 persons 109 €

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How to get to Ylläs?

You can fly to Rovaniemi or Kittilä airport in Finland. We come and pick you up from Kittilä.

From Rovaniemi, there is a bus connection to Kittilä, where we pick you up.

By train, you can travel from Helsinki to Kolari, where we pick you up.

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