Summer Activities
in Lapland

Short Adventures

Pick the Wild Food of Lapland

Pick the Wild Food of Lapland

Easy | 4 hours

We'll take you to nature's own little supermarket. 
You can find ingredients for a full three course meal, picked by you!
Mushrooms, herbs, berries...
Balanced, natural and delicious!
Arctic Nature Day Tour - Ylläs

Day In The Arctic Nature

Easy | 5 hours

Hiking through the endless amounts of different colours, breathtaking views over the fells and amazing nature.
Summer in Lapland is magical with its never-ending hours of light and possibilities for outdoor adventures.
Get Cleansed – Feel the Traditional Sauna

Try the Traditional Finnish Sauna

Easy | 4 hours

Relax and unwind in the heat of the sauna.
You can feel your muscles recover, skin cleanse and mind calm down.
Jump in the cooling lake and take in the view, full of lakes and forests.
The Healing Nature

Healing Nature – Mindfullness In The Wild

Easy | 3 hours

After getting to our secret spot in the woods, you get to stop. Listen, smell and feel the amazing calming power of the forest. 
Trust us, you will go home completely rested, relaxed and stress-free.
Fatbiking in Ylläs in Summer

Cruising in the forest on a Fatbike in Ylläs

Moderate | 4 hours

Spend the day on a full-on adventure! 
Get out to the woods on a Fatbike and get the much needed adrenaline rush from cruising down the paths in the forest.
Let's go!

Multi-day Adventures

Hike to the Edge of Three Kingdoms

Hike to the Edge of Three Kingdoms

Moderate | 6 days

Experience the extreme north with us.
Let's go on a multi-day hike to the meeting point of Finland, Sweden and Norway. 
You will go home from this hike with amazing new memories of unforgetable views and experiences in the wilderness.
Multi-day Hike Hetta-Pallas

Multi-day Hike on the Fells of Hetta-Pallas

Moderate | 5 days

Up and down the fells we go!
On this multi-day trip you will hike along the rough and wild nature of the Finnish fells. 
Pure waters, clean air and the peaceful silence of Lapland - at its best!