Ice Fishing day in Ylläs

Easy and fun introduction to ice fishing on a frozen lake.


February to April


Ylläs, Lapland, Finland

Difficulty level



3-4 hours


Come and spend a wintery day catching wild fish and enjoying hot coffee. No sweat, just relaxing on a frozen lake, hoping to catch a fish.

Ice-fishing is a traditional way of fishing in Finland and it can also be considered as a form of meditation. Imagine yourself on a small lake surrounded only by the whiteness of snow, forest around the lake and silence. There are no worries in the world, just you and the fish under the ice.

We cook what we catch and if the water god from Finnish mythology Ahti is not favourable to us we enjoy some other snacks.

We will snowshoe or ski around one km through some peaceful swamps and forests to the lake and spend 1-2 hours ice-fishing, telling fishing stories and enjoying the silence of Lapland.


From February until April. Fish don’t move around much during the darkest winter,  polar night, or Kaamos as we call it.
Contact us to book the dates that are suitable for you.

What’s included?

The tour includes transportation in Ylläs area, gear and guidance. Warm drinks and snacks will be provided at the lake.
Warm jacket is also available during the ice-fishing.

Please note

Physical condition must be fairly good as we will be snowshoeing in deep snow to get to the lake.
Own travel insurance is also a must.

What do I need to bring?

There is no need to wear your warmest winter jacket as snowshoeing can be quite sweaty. Good winter boots, gloves and hat are recommended.


159 € / person.
Minimum 2 person.

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Ice Fishing day in Ylläs