Gold Prospector’s hike in Finnish Lapland

Gold digging adventure deep in to the wilderness of Lemmenjoki National Park.


Summer and autumn


Lemmenjoki, Lapland, Finland

Difficulty level



6 days


Did you know there is more gold in the soil of Finnish Lapland than anywhere else in Europe? So pack your axe and pan and become a pure gold prospector with us! The history of gold prospecting in Lapland goes back to the 1860s, when an expedition was sent to investigate possible gold areas in Lapland. Promising gold nuggets were found in Eastern Lapland and soon there was a rush of bearded diggers with their brimmed hats digging especially around Lemmenjoki and Ivalojoki rivers. Now you have the opportunity to get a taste of the olden days and head in the wilderness of Lapland in our safe guidance. Be prepared – you might actually go home with some gold in your pocket!

How and where to find gold?

We have joined forced with a local professional gold prospector, who will teach you all he knows about the art of gold digging. An age old question of course is, where is the best place to dig gold? An old answer to this question amongst the gold diggers is: “The best place to dig gold is where you find it”. This frustrating sentence will be our guideline during this exclusive experience.

After a night at a hotel, the 4-day adventure starts by a boat ride up the river Lemmenjoki. On the one hour journey you have time to admire the views of Lemmenjoki National Park. At the last harbour we hop off and start the hike, passing open arctic tundra areas and fells to the claim of our own gold prospector Aki. On this adventure you will get to know the Finnish gold digging history and see beautiful landscapes of Lapland. There you will grab your shovel and start digging and after that, panning. After a long day outside we separate the possible gold with Aki and hear stories about the people, area and gold culture. You wash the sweat off  in a traditional little Finnish sauna and dip in a crystal clear stream. Sleeping is in tents.

The next day we hike again. We head to the most remote library in the world, situated on top of a small mountain, or fell as we call them, in the middle of Lemmenjoki National Park. You can take a book off the shelf and maybe bring another one to replace, in case you’re not around to return the loan. This unbelievable place is truly worth visiting. We hike about 10 km to a nice camping area and stay the night in tents. The last day is a short hike to the Lemmenjoki river, where we take a boat ride back to Inari.

Day 1. Arrival in Inari, dinner and night at a hotel. Accommodation two persons per room.

Day 2. Boat ride from Ahkun tupa to Kultasatama, the Gold Harbour. There we start the hike to Karukorvenkuru, the Gold Prospector’s cabin, 13-15 km. Night in tents, two persons per tent.

Day 3. Full day of gold digging. In the evening a nice meal and sauna. Night in tents.

Day 4. Packing and leaving Karukorvenkuru by hiking. On the way we visit the most remote library in the world. Night in tents in Ravadasniemi, hike length about 10 km.

Day 5. Short 3 km hike to harbour, where we catch a boat ride back to civilisation. Transportation to the hotel. Dinner and some great sleep.

Day 6. Leaving Inari. Public transportation to Ivalo airport/ Rovaniemi.


From June to September when the ground is not frozen.

What is included?

This adventure is all inclusive. The price includes food, all transport, guiding, two nights at a hotel, gold diggers fee, digging equipment, sleeping gear (tent, mattress, sleeping bag). We will send a gear list after booking.

How to get there?

The nearest airport is Ivalo, Finnish Lapland. For there you get a public bus transportation to Inari, 40 mins. By train you go from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and take a 4 hour bus ride to Inari.

Please note

Please note that during the digging clothes might get dirty and wet. We will help you to plan your gear.

Physical condition must be good. We are hiking far away from roads in the wilderness. There might be river crossings on the way.

Be sure that you have travel and accident insurance.

Greetings from the Gold Prospector Aki: You keep 50 % of all fine gold and gemstones, meaning under one gram nuggets. If we find over one gram nuggets Aki reserves the right to make a decision of sharing.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your own hiking and outdoor clothing and a backpack to carry the belongings. Good hiking shoes are must. We recommend to wear rubber boots while digging.

You will get a proper gear list after booking.

Ask about clothing and gears. We will help you with packing plans.


1999 € / person.

Guaranteed departures 2023:

30th of July – 4th of August

27th of August – 1st of September

You can also contact us for private departure for your own group!

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Gold Prospector’s hike in Finnish Lapland