Gold Digging Hike in Finnish Lapland

Gold digging adventure deep in to the wilderness of Lemmenjoki National Park.


Summer and autumn


Lemmenjoki, Lapland, Finland

Difficulty level



6 days


Dig gold in Finnish Lapland. Put this adventure on your To-Do-List immediately and start pack your axe and pan! The story book is thick around the gold digging in Finland. Around 1940 it started to bustle around the gold and caused massive gold rush to the northern part of Finland amongs the bearded diggers with their brimmed hats. Now you have opportunity to take a bite of the history and head towards unknown wilderness of gold digging.

We take you in the middle of Lemmenjoki National Park in Finnish Lapland. On this adventure you will get known of Finnish gold digging history and see beautiful landscapes of Lapland. On this 6 days hike we will trek through the National Park to real gold diggers cabin deep in the wilderness. There you will grab you shovel and dig your own gold deep from the ground. As we always do, we do it in traditional way so no motors roaring! After a long day of digging we will seperate the gold with the gold digger in his cozy wilderness cabin and hear stories and facts about the people, area and gold culture. You can also wash the sweat off  in “kammi” sauna on the shore of chrystal clear stream.

After couple of days visit in the diggers cabin we start our hike back. On this adventure we sleep in tents. You can bring your gear but we have everything for you. Day distances are between 5km-20km per day. On the last day there will be a boat ride along the river Lemmenjoki.


From June to September

What is included?

This adventure is all inclusive. Please ask more about the gear, food, transportation etc.

The price includes food, guiding, two nights in the hotel/hostel/cabin, gold diggers fee, digging equipment, boat ride, sleeping gear(tent, mattress, sleeping bag), gear list after booking.

Please note

Bring your own outdoor/hiking clothing. Please note that during the digging clothes might get dirty and wet. We will help you to plan your gear.

Physical condition must be good. We are hiking far away from roads in the wilderness. There might be river crossings on the way.

Be sure that you have travel and accident insurance.

Greetings from the Gold Digger: You can keep 50% of fine gold and gemstones (over 1 gram nuggets are not fine gold). I’ll make a desicion of sharing the catch depending on amount of findings (over 1 gram nuggets).
What do I need to bring?

Bring your own hiking and outdoor clothing. Good hiking shoes are must. We recommend to wear rubber boots while digging.

You will get a proper gear list after booking.

Ask about clothing and gears. We will help you with packing plans.


1999 € / person.

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Gold Digging Hike in Finnish Lapland